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New adress for my blog

Hello! I have created a new photoblog where I can have larger pictures displayed.

I hope you´ll check it out

This is where I´m going to post my photos from now on.

Have a nice day!


A new spring has begun

Old winery and amazing sunset

I was out photographing yesterday and here are the links to the new posts on my new website.

I welcome you to follow my new blog 🙂


Have a nice day, and thank you for visiting my blog.

Rising moon

Finally! The forecast for the moon rise today was wrong on the weather forecast site,

so I had to wait over an hour to see the moon.

Today the weather was better than yesterday, and I like to practice to photograph the moon.

Hope you’ll like this moon photo, and I think it’s about 85% full.


The moon photographed tonight

Autumn colors

It’s the time of the semester again, when it’s time to focus on the final exams and stay inside and read a lot.

So I’ll try to upload some photos I’ve taken the last couple of years the next couple of weeks.

Since this blog was created in May many of my shots are not published here yet, so I hope you like them.

This photo was shot in Grimstad in October 2009. I love the autumn colors.

There is something extraordinary about sunlight on these colors.