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October dawn

First October dawn 2011 photographed in Sirdal, Norway



Lysefjorden part 1

Some photos I took on a boat trip on Lysefjorden in 2007

Amazing trip, and I recommend it highly.

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View from the cafe called ørneredet.



This photo shows Kjerag, and these moutains are over a 1000 meters high.

Early in the morning


This photo was taken just minutes before the sunrise.


I went on a fishingtrip with my boyfriend and some of his friends last Friday.

Here are some photos I took after sunset that day.

Autumn is my favorite season of the year, and the colors in the nature is just amazing here in Norway!



Hiking in Sirdal 10.10.2010 to visit Håhelleren. This is one of many cabins you can visit in Norway.

If you want to see more cabins or get some info you can vistit Norwegian Trekking Association:

This is Tex the dachshund.