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New post on my blog

Here are some photos from wonderful Lista in south of Norway. I hope you’ll check out some of my other posts as well šŸ™‚

Have a nice day!


Happy Easter

Check out some of my new posts on my blog.

Click on the headlines to see more photos on the posts.


Wish you all a happy Easter

Old winery and amazing sunset

I was out photographing yesterday and here are the links to the new posts on my new website.

I welcome you to follow my new blog šŸ™‚


Have a nice day, and thank you for visiting my blog.

Follow my new blog and see bluebell photos

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Hi, I welcome you to visit and follow my new website.

Today I have published a post with Magnolia photos.




See photos of wolves on my new website.



I welcome you to my new website

Hi everybody!

I have considered getting my own .com website for some time now.

I want some more freedom to design my own website just the way I want.

I just need some time to figure out how to customize the design in wordpress.

The new website is : and it will be a website focused on nature photography just like this one but hopefully better.

Naming the new website wasn’t easy because I wanted to use nordicphotography but no .com site wasĀ available. The selection of this name made me feel that this is a website where I can focus on nature in all sorts of ways from macro to landscape photography.

I want to thank everyone who has followed me here on this blog, and thank you for all the likes and comments. You inspire me to photograph even more, and I hope you will follow me on my new website also.

I posted photos of lynxes photographed during the photography course. Here are one image, and I welcome you to see more of theseĀ gorgeous animals in their winter coat on my new website.