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Here are some photos taken on a hike Brufjell during summertime.

One of the most amazing hikes in Flekkefjord in my opinion.

Brufjell is a mountain located outside Flekkefjord in the south of Norway.

This is part of an area called Magma Geopark and there are also large potholes here.

View from the top, and the land you can see to the right is Lista.

View from the top

View from the pebble beach

It’s fascinating to walk on this pebble beach.

Amazing how all these round stones were formed.

Sunset in May

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Star tracks

I tried to photograph some star tracks tonight, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the result.

But practice makes perfect, and I’ll try again some other night : )

Winter wonderland

I woke up to this winter wonderland today.