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Glacier hiking

Check out the photos I shot during a glacier hike


New adress for my blog

Hello! I have created a new photoblog where I can have larger pictures displayed.

I hope you´ll check it out

This is where I´m going to post my photos from now on.

Have a nice day!

Autumn in the mountains

Wild bird

I shot this photograph on my way to Lista in November.

It got me thinking about this song.


Bigbang – Wild bird

“Wild Bird flying
Sing a song that I can’t capture”


Stormy weather

There was a huge storm in Norway this weekend and it was called Berit

The wind was on Sunday upgraded to a hurricane in some of the blasts in the south of Norway.

It was hard to get sharp photos when the ocean whipped everywhere.

The waves reached the parking lot here.

Sunbeams over the sea

Here are some of the photos I took today when me and my friend went to Tromøya in Arendal to photograph.

How do you like the black and white photography?

Rising moon

Finally! The forecast for the moon rise today was wrong on the weather forecast site,

so I had to wait over an hour to see the moon.

Today the weather was better than yesterday, and I like to practice to photograph the moon.

Hope you’ll like this moon photo, and I think it’s about 85% full.