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Noctilucent clouds


These are some photos I took around 00.00 tonight in the south of Norway. I’ve seen these clouds a couple of times in my life and they fascinates me. These clouds are the highest clouds you find in the earths atmosphere. They are located in the mesosphere at an altitude about 76 to 85 kilometers.

“They are normally too faint to be seen, and are visible only when illuminated by sunlight from below the horizon while the lower layers of the atmosphere are in the Earth’s shadow. Noctilucent clouds are not fully understood and are a recently discovered meteorological phenomenon ;there is no evidence that they were observed before 1885.

Noctilucent clouds can form only under very restrictive conditions; their occurrence can be used as a sensitive guide to changes in the upper atmosphere. Since they are a relatively recent classification, the occurrence of noctilucent clouds appears to be increasing in frequency, brightness and extent. It is theorized that this increase is connected to climate change.” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noctilucent_cloud






  1. 07/21/2011 at 08:47

    Vakker blå himmel.

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